2018 - 2019

Choudrant Basketball Schedule

Month Date Team Location Time
October 19 Breakout Home 6:00pm
  25 Jamboree Home 6:00pm
  30 Stanley (JV) Away 5:00pm
November 1-3 Choudrant Tournament Home TBA
  6 New Living Word (VB Only) Away 5:00pm
  8 Weston (Boys first) Away 6:30pm
  13 Claiborne Christian (JVB) Home 5:00pm
  16 North Webster** (VB First) Home 6:00pm
  19-20 OCS Tournament Away TBA
  27 Dodson (JV) Away 5:00pm
  30 Caldwell (Boys Only; JV) Away 5:00pm
December Nov 29-1 Bell City Tournament (VG Only) Away TBA
  4 Doyline (JV Boys) Away 5:00pm
  7 Sterlington (JV) Home 5:00pm
  11 Calvin (JV) Away 5:00pm
  13-15 CCS Tournament (VB Only) Away TBA
  13-15 W.O. Tournament (VG Only) Away TBA
  18 Calvin (JV) Home 5:00pm
  20 Stanley (JV) Home 5:00pm
  28 Quitman (JV) Home 5:00pm
January 3 North Desoto (JVB) Home 5:00pm
  8 Forest* Home 6:00pm
  10 Downsville (JVB) Away 5:00pm
  11 Saline (JVB) Away 5:00pm
  12 Sterlington JV Tournament Away TBA
  15 FCCS* Away 6:00pm
  18 Simsboro* Home 6:00pm
  19 Choudrant JV Tournament Home TBA
  22 Vision Academy* Home 6:00pm
  25 Forest* Away 6:00pm
  29 Claiborne Christian (JV) Away 5:00pm
February 1 FCCS* Home 6:00pm
  5 Simsboro* Away 6:00pm
  7 Castor (VG Only) Home TBA
  8 Vision Academy* Away 6:00pm
  12 Quitman (JV, V Boys Only) Away 5:00pm
  15 Weston (JV, V Boys Only) Home 5:00pm
**Homecoming    *District game
JV - Half and Half JV Girls and Boys before Varsity    VG - Varsity Girls   VB - Varsity Boys