Virtual/Distance Learning Classrooms

RHS Virtual Classes Begin
: Thursday, August 20th

*Students are encouraged to log in prior to Thursday to get oriented with the Google platforms.

To get started, students need to do the following:

  • Login using their Lincoln Schools student email account. If you need help logging in, click here.
  • Accept email invitations to RHS Google Classroom courses. Teachers will send invitations to virtual students enrolled in their classes; students should confirm participation by accepting the invitation to the course.
  • Watch the Google Platform Tutorials. Students should familiarize themselves with the Google Platforms that will be used for virtual learning by watching the tutorials provided.
  • Access lesson content for each course through Google Classroom. Students should click the Classwork tab to get started.

Additional information about virtual/distance learning can be found here.

Google Classroom

Agile Mind Math (Algebra I and II only)

For additional guidance on how to log in to Agile Mind and to navigate the site, please access the Quick Guide for Parents/Guardians